Personal tax

Child tax credits – guidance for high earners

HMRC has generated significant publicity around the High Income Child Benefit Charge, including the need for an estimated 200,000 parents to be registered with HMRC ... [more]

Review of Freeagent cloud accounting software

Overview of cloud accounting market In the old days, by which I mean about 5 years ago, if you were a small business you were very ... [more]

Business records – what do you need to keep ?

One area that seems to create a certain amount of confusion amongst small business owners is what kind of records do they need to keep ... [more]

Art of freelancing workshop powerpoint slides

For people who can't make the art of freelancing workshop that I'm speaking at this Thursday, the slides from my presentation are available from the ... [more]

Freelancing workshop

I'm going to be speaking at an event on how to be a freelancer coming up at the end of the month details below, would ... [more]

Travel costs and tax

I probably get asked more questions about whether travel costs are an allowable cost for tax than almost anything else so I thought I'd do ... [more]

Budget news in brief

The budget last week was generally low on excitement, even for accountants, but there a few interesting points amongst the bad news about the economy ... [more]

Rental property owners – tax issues

With so little returns available at the moment for investors in stocks and bonds people are turning to property as an alternative. If you like ... [more]

Penalties for submitting tax returns late

"To err is human, to forgive is divine", so famously said the writer Alexander PopeĀ  around three hundred years ago, but unfortunately HMRC are not ... [more]

Tax return completion tips

It's human nature to put aside unpleasant tasks until the last possible moment which explains why hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, and ... [more]