HMRC targets sales of second homes

Barely a month goes by these days without HMRC announcing they are setting up a new task force aimed at a particular business sector. The ... [more]

Big increase in tax breaks to encourage business capital investment

The annual investment allowance was temporarily increased from £25,000 to £250,000 with effect from the 1st January this year lasting until December 2014.This means that ... [more]

Rental property owners – tax issues

With so little returns available at the moment for investors in stocks and bonds people are turning to property as an alternative. If you like ... [more]

Penalties for submitting tax returns late

"To err is human, to forgive is divine", so famously said the writer Alexander Pope  around three hundred years ago, but unfortunately HMRC are not ... [more]

Tax return completion tips

It's human nature to put aside unpleasant tasks until the last possible moment which explains why hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, and ... [more]

Our terms and conditions

Terms and conditions in respect of the work undertaken 1.      Introduction 2.      These terms and conditions set out the general terms under which we undertake our business.  ... [more]

Wedstock directions

1. On the A27 from the Brighton take the first exit on the Kingston Roundabout to Lewes. Continue to the Prison traffic lights and ... [more]

Changes to person pension tax relief

One of the more significant announcements that was easily missed in the autumn statement was the reduction in the maximum amount that an individual can ... [more]