Budget Review

The budget last week did hold a few surprises particularly on pensions, though most of the key points had already been flagged up in the ... [more]

Employers allowance of £2,000 starts in April

Some very good news for small businesses with employees, from April the employers allowance comes into effect which means that businesses will get a reduction ... [more]

The 10 most amusing late tax return excuses

It's January again which means two things - 1. Giving up everything remotely enjoyable and embarking on an extreme exercise regime until around the middle of ... [more]

The autumn statement highlights

The autumn statement last Thursday included a number of proposals that will be of interest to small business owners and freelancers. These changes will come ... [more]

How to pay yourself a dividend in 3 easy steps

More and more small businesses and freelancers are deciding to trade through a company because of the tax savings, and because frankly it looks a ... [more]

Last day to submit paper tax returns

October 31st is the last chance to file your 2012/13 paper tax return, that is unless you are in a very exclusive group of individuals ... [more]

Child tax credits – guidance for high earners

HMRC has generated significant publicity around the High Income Child Benefit Charge, including the need for an estimated 200,000 parents to be registered with HMRC ... [more]

Pensions talk coming up on the 24th

I'm going to be introducing a presentation on pensions next tuesday 24th September at the Skiff in central Brighton. Martin O'Brien from Pennymatters Independent Financial Advisors ... [more]

Review of Freeagent cloud accounting software

Overview of cloud accounting market In the old days, by which I mean about 5 years ago, if you were a small business you were very ... [more]

Business records – what do you need to keep ?

One area that seems to create a certain amount of confusion amongst small business owners is what kind of records do they need to keep ... [more]